Intel graphics cards will have the biggest change of the last decade!

by Kelvin

Intel may not be having much luck in the processor world, but its bet on graphics cards is still alive and well! Incidentally, the giant is so confident that it will use its new graphics architecture across all products, including the new 10nm Ice Lake processors, which will hit the market with Gen11 graphics.

However, Intel will not stop here… After all, we will be able to see the biggest increase in GPU performance in over a decade with the arrival of graphics cards based on the Gen12 architecture!


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Information that came to the Internet via a merge request on GitLab, with Francisco Jerez, one of the intel graphics team's ‘devs’ mentioning the following:

“Gen12 should include one of the largest Intel EU ISA rebuilds since the original i965.”

So with a release date set for 2020/2021, with Tiger Lake architecture. Gen 12 graphics should completely change the way execution units work… Which in turn will result in a very significant performance increase. (And lower latency.)

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


Intel admits defeat to AMD… But promises to be more aggressive!

The processor market has never been as hot as it is now, thanks to AMD's Ryzen 3000, which completely shook off Intel's domain spanning over a decade.

But what is really interesting is that Intel has made public that it has lost market share to AMD at the recent City Global Tech conference… However, the company is aware of what is happening, and therefore promises more aggressiveness to the market. future.

Intel admitted loss of market share to AMD! And now?

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