Intel optimizes its SVT-VP9 encoder for AMD EPYC CPUs

by Kelvin
El Chapuzas Informático

Intel made a curious move the past 4th of September, and is that the company updated its open source encoder SVT-VP9 optimizing it for processors EPYC AMD, in addition to other CPUs that make use of extensions AVX2.

According Jing Li, Intel engineer, this update was made for "fill the existing performance gap with AMD EPYC CPUs", although Intel processors that employ this instruction will also receive a noticeable performance improvement.


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The open source video compression format VP9 debuted in 2013 as the successor of the HEVC and h.265 video encoding formats, which has become very popular thanks to the adoption of large companies such as YouTube, since it allowed greater compression of the image (lower weight, lower data consumption) without harming the visual quality. Intel launched the SVT-VP9 with the goal of a processor Intel Xeon Gold 6140 It was capable of encoding in real time two video sources at a native resolution 4K @ 60 FPS.

The SVT-VP9 historically it worked best on processors with instructions AVX-512. But now the update presented a few days ago improves the performance of older AVX2 processors, which could be a welcome update for anyone who plays a video on YouTube Without a team at the forefront.

via: Tom's Hardware

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