Intel SSD 660p impresses with high performance at low cost

by Kelvin

The Intel SSD 660p comes with QLC (Quad Level Cell) technology that brings performance and high storage capacity at low cost to the consumer.

Intel SSD 660p marks the market promise of low price and high storage capacity due to technology presence QLC (Quad Level Cell). New flash technology promises lower production costs and devices with more storage capacity. O Intel SSD 660p still has a very fast data read for the category and impresses at first glance for its great cost-benefit.


But does he stand out among the competitors? We received the SSD in your version of 1 TB and you can now check all the details in this review.

Connection and Technology

O Intel SSD 660p has format M.2 2280 and interface NVMe PCI Express 3.0. The line is the first to come equipped with memories QLC NAND 64-layer with PCIe x4, which can store 4 bits per cell.

A 33% increase in density equals more storage capacity at a lower cost. O QLC gives Intel allows up to 1 TB storage capacity on a single chip. As a result, SSD manufacturers can pack up to 16 dice in a single package, meaning that the QLC allows up to 2 TB per pack.

Intel SSD 660p CloseIntel SSD 660p has M.2 2280 format with 1TB of storage

THE Intel avoids many performance issues associated with flash QLCadjusting the firmware and using intelligent idle time performance adjustments. O Intelligent SLC-Caching Dynamic gives Intel use a flash set SLC fast to improve the performance of the received recording data.


During our tests, the Intel SSD 660p impressed by its low cost performance. If the user's intention is to consume multimedia content, play games, work and surf the Internet, but without investing much, Intel SSD 660p It is the ideal product for the job.

Intel SSD 660p with Plastic CaseThe line is the first to come equipped with 64-layer QLC NAND memories

This is all allowed thanks to technology QLC (Quad Level Cell), which increases flash storage capacity. However, like all technology, it has a setback. O QLC has less writing speed compared to MLC (Multi Layer Cell), present in the most popular SSDs of the market, as the models of Kingston, Sandisk and Samsung.

In our tests, reading speed has promised us 1800 MB / s writing on 1100 MB / s. This performance is better than any interface. SATAN can gather, but not quite match the performance of the most expensive competitors of the same interface NVMe PCIeas the Samsung 970 EXO Pro.

The performance improvement that the Intel SSD 660p Bring is phenomenal. Games like Overwatch and Fortnite have had their load times decreased dramatically. Texture and image loading issues that caused lags during the game were also solved, bringing greater performance to the execution of games.

Intel SSD 660p CloseThe improved performance that the Intel SSD 660p brings to your PC is impressive.

The operating system Windows It was also launched in a matter of seconds, ready to open any application instantly. The speed upgrade that the SSD gave to the computer was very satisfactory on an intermediate machine, equipped with a seventh generation Intel Core-i7 chipset and 8GB of RAM.

Benchmark Tests

Game load time

Intel SSD 660p Charging Time

In tests of benchmark load time in games with the Benchmark Tool Final Fantasy XVI Stormblood, O Intel SSD 660p obtained a load time similar to other SSDs in the market with 21.40 seconds. Very superior results from a HDD and within the time of SSDs at twice the price as the Intel Optane.

Transfer Rates in MB / s

MB transfer rate

We use the tool DiskBench to test file transfer on 50 GB of data, which includes photos, videos, and documents. O Intel SSD 660p impresses with speed of 291 MB / s during data transfer. Once again, its cost-effectiveness proves superior to the most expensive competitors in the market and delivers very satisfactory results for its price range.


O 1TB Intel 660p achieved solid performance in daily use and our benchmark tests. O SSD It has also proven to be one of the most energy efficient, which is to be taken into account if it is used in mobile devices such as notebooks.

Intel SSD 660p CloseIntel SSD can compete with double price SSDs in the market

In addition to tracking some of the SSDs the fastest on the market today, its price is something to consider as it delivers high storage capacity coupled with very good performance for its category.

O Intel 660p 1TB can be found at the official store of Showmetech at the Magazine Luiza per R $ 987.53.

Intel SSD 660p 1 TB Technical Specifications

Product's nameIntel SSD 660p 1TB
Capacity1,024 TB
Sequential ReadingUp to 1800 MB / s
Random readingUp to 150000 IOPS
Sequential recordingUp to 1800 MB / s
Random recording Up to 220000 IOPS
Energy Active – 0.1 W
Idle – 0.040W
Weight10 grams
InterfacePCIe NVMe 3.0 x4
Hardware Encryption AES 256 bit

Intel SSD 660p 1TB


Intel SSD 660p impresses with high performance at low cost

The Intel SSD 660p comes with QLC (Quad Level Cell) technology that brings performance and high storage capacity at low cost to the consumer.


  • High throughput;
  • QLC technology;
  • Cost benefit;
  • Low load time on games and programs.


  • Lower writing speed compared to competitors.