Intel teases AMD and its 5,00 GHz announcements, pulls out a chest …

Intel teases AMD and its 5,00 GHz announcements, pulls out a chest ...

Last thursday We echo AMD's announcements that focus on promoting processor benefits AMD Ryzen Pro for the professional sector, he noted that the company claims it its architecture is capable of achieving 5.00 GHz, a rather strange move when the Ryzen Pro CPU with the highest speed is 410 GHz, Which makes it clear that it was AMD's "mistake" or misleading adsup to that point The company finally removed the promotional video for YouTube.

How can it be the opposite? Intel has taken advantage of this devastating AMD advertisement to make fun of them. Especially the architect John Bonini, vice president, general manager of desktop systems, workstations and games at Intel, through its official account at Twitter with the following image:


Intel makes use of AMD errors to promote your Intel Core i9-9900K processorwho can reach 5.00 GHz air-cooled even though the manufacturing process is 14nm. This is because AMD Ryzen 3000 is faster, that is to say Ryzen 7 3800X, Can reach Turbo frequency for one core 450 GHz although using a manufacturing process 7nm, being the only way to achieve 5.00 GHz liquid nitrogen.

This is where the ridiculous comes from, an Intel Core i9-9900K @ 5.00 GHz in cold form "set up"(via air / water) instead of nitrogen, a very subtle way to show that while AMD lacks liquid nitrogen to achieve 5.00 GHz, they need a good regular air conditioning system." "On the other hand, we must remember that this Christmas will come Core i9-9900KS what he promised to achieve 8 core at 5.00 GHz frequencySo it's time to see how the temperature will develop.

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