Intel's 10th Gen Core-H CPU Emerging on the Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel

by Kelvin
Intel's 10th Gen Core-H CPU Emerging on the Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel 1

For users who regularly detect Intel's line of computer processors, you may be familiar with the Y series sub 10 W, the U series is usually 15 W but sometimes 28 W, and the H-series seating at 35 W and Level 45 W. We often see the Y series getting into ultra portable, the U-series on flagship devices, and the H-series has always been something that is much more demanding and where performance is more than mobile. So far Intel has just released the U-series hardware on the 10th Gen, so the fact that Acer gave us a pre-brief on one of its new laptops and stated that it had a H-Series 10 CPU CPU was pretty shocking. The new CPU will enter the new Ezel laptops network, designed for content creators: the Ezel name is a word game 'Easel', as on the artist's easel or tripod.

Before we get into the new Ezel, it's worth noting that Intel technically has two CPU families called '10th Gen', one based on 14 ++ manufacturing nodes called Comet Lake, and one based on its 10+ nodes called Ice Lake. Although Acer specifically states, we can guarantee 99.95% that we're talking about Comet Lake processors here, based on the older Skylake micro-architecture. This is mainly because Intel this week confirmed to us that the 28W Ice Lake processor is now only ready for partners – so the 45W variant will not be ready at this time. Intel has just launched the 9th Gen 9W mobile processor, and Comet Lake is just a variant, so it's fair to say this is Comet Lake.

Intel 10th Gen Core-H CPU 10th Emerging on Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel 1


As for Ezel, it will come in two types: Ezel and Ezel Pro. Both devices will have a 45W processor, but standard Ezel will use user hardware, such as Core i9 processor, non-ECC memory and GeForce RTX graphics, while Ezel Pro will use Xeon E-series H processor, ECC memory, and Quadro RTX graphics.

Ezel uses Acer's adjustable horizontal display design with horizontal axis, allowing users to bring it closer to them than having a display connected to a laptop's base hinge. This allows for a closer screen inspection of a comfortable position on traditional laptops. On a personal level, it is important to see firsthand how well monitor functions like these are great for work. Acer also integrates Ezel with the Wacom EMR pen, making this device great for artists and designers.

Intel 10th Gen Core-H CPU 10th Emerging on Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel 2

The display is a 15-inch 4K IPS panel, with 400-nit brightness and factory color calibration, great for reproducing 100% Adobe RGB color gamut with dE accuracy. 2. Users can also manipulate color settings through software in the ConceptD Palette. The display uses Gorilla Glass 6, allows for artist-less, and comes with anti-glare.

For memory and storage, there will be up to 32 GB or DDR4, and up to 2DB PCIe (multi-plural) SSD. The idea is that the hardware should be able to edit 4K video in real time, whether it's a gig worker at Ezel, or a business with Ezel Pro. Both laptops are part of the RTX Studio platform, which means the hardware has undergone NVIDIA testing for creator application verification.

Intel 10th Gen Core-H CPU 10th Emerging on Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel 3

Connectivity on both devices includes two TB3 ports, SD card slot, DP1.4, HDMI 2.0, and fingerprint sensor. Acer says that laptops are designed to be used at temperatures below 40 dB. Unfortunately no mention of battery capacity or weight.

Acer did offer a promising price and timeframe for Ezel and Ezel Pro, but we were emailed after our briefing to state that they changed it to 'TBD' depending on the design solution to be compatible with other releases (Intel H 10th Gen H-Series may not be yet) have a fixed date, as at the time of writing they have not been announced. If it is CES, Intel may announce it as part of the plan).

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