Internet box: if you change your offer, here is a nice nugget 🔥

by Kelvin

As deconfinement approaches, this weekend may be an opportunity to save on a few monthly spending items. Here are the two promotions on the Internet boxes this weekend. If the market is still very opaque, some ISPs are turning to transparent and non-binding offers. With these, there is a good chance that you will lower your spending budget.

The RED by SFR Internet box is one of the most transparent and accessible offers on the market, so it should get you going. It is one of the best boxes in recent years, far ahead of the majority of its rivals. Below, details of the current reduction and its benefits.

RED by SFR, an Internet box at a bargain price

In a few years, RED by SFR has established itself on the Internet box market as on the mobile plans market. Since 2011, the operator has contributed to the active transformation of the market in order to present much clearer and more transparent offers to users. In addition, these have the advantage of being cheaper than the majority of those of its competitors. If you find your Internet connection too expensive and too slow, this flash offer should offer you the low price and the flexibility you want. Please note, the flash sale ends this Monday, May 11.


Currently, the RED by SFR Internet box includes Fiber in Very High Speed ​​(1 Gb / s in download, 500 Mb / s in send) as well as all calls to landlines and mobiles unlimited (in France) for 23 euros per month. There is a good chance that this formula is cheaper than the one you have to date.

Excluding promotion, the RED by SFR Internet box costs 36 euros monthly, so that you save 30% from the first month of subscription with the operator. Reduction or not, this offer is undeniably among the best on the market, so much so that its value for money increases very widely with this reduced price.

Whether on its Fiber or ADSL offer (16 euros per month), RED by SFR offers you the real icing on the cake for the first month. Do not hesitate to turn to this offer now, because it will already disappear in a few days.

Here is the RED by SFR Internet box offer, it’s here:

RED by SFR only offers a single Internet box, but it has the advantage of being accompanied by options that you can choose according to your uses. Many of them are included in the standard subscription, but it is also possible to take advantage of the TV option to be entitled to 35 channels at a rate of 2 euros per month. For an additional 4 euros, you can benefit from 100 television channels.

If the price and functionality of this Internet box have not finished convincing you, know that it is without commitment of duration. If you find a better offer in the months or years to come, you can very well leave the telecom operator in favor of the new one without having to pay any additional costs. In addition, the price of the RED by SFR Internet box is guaranteed for life. In short, you are sure that the rate will not double over time, after a year or more, which will avoid any unpleasant surprises when you receive your invoice.

Bouygues Telecom, a classic Internet box

Where the RED by SFR Internet box appeals to many users, others prefer to turn to the offers of its competitor Bouygues Telecom. The latter has the advantage of making it possible to go to a hard shop, because the operator is more traditional. If this is your case, Bouygues Internet boxes are the perfect alternative for choosing your new subscription. During these few weeks of confinement, the Internet service provider has unveiled excellent promotions and this is still the case this weekend. Here is the presentation of the 3 flash promotions of the Bouygues Telecom range.

The first Bbox Fit Internet box includes Fiber and broadband (200 Mb / s) as well as unlimited calls to landlines for 14.99 euros per month for one year. Following this period, the price drops to 26.99 euros per month. The commitment period is one year. With this offer, you also have free access to Spotify Premium for three months (the subscription costs 9.99 euros per month).

The second box called Bbox Must includes Fiber and broadband (500 Mb / s), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles and a TV decoder with 180 channels for 19.99 euros per month for one year. After 12 months, the rate will then amount to 34.99 euros per month. The commitment period is also one year, as are the three months offered to Spotify Premium.

The third and last Internet box Bbox Ultym gives access to the very high speed (1 Gb / s), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles, the 4K TV decoder with 180 channels, the LeKiosk press package and an additional bonus for 24.99 euros per month. After this period, the price is 41.99 euros per month. A one-year commitment period and the three months offered to Spotify Premium are also included in this offer.

Here are the three flash offers from Bouygues Telecom’s Internet boxes. Please note, promotions are ending soon:

If you hesitate between the different Internet boxes of Bouygues Telecom, we advise you to turn to the excellent Bbox Ultym. The price increases significantly after one year, but you can leave before this price increase, because the commitment period is only one year, the time of reduction. In addition, you are entitled to all the advantages offered by the box during this period.

If however you prefer that your Internet box costs you almost nothing, the offer of RED by SFR should please you since its price on the market is simply unbeatable. In case your internet usage is moderate, the Bbox Fit should do the trick, knowing that it is the most popular offer from Bouygues Telecom.

Here are the three Bouygues Telecom flash offers, it’s there:

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