iOS 12.4.1: the bug solved twice

by Kelvin
iOS 12.4.1: the bug solved twice

iOS 12.4.1: the bug solved twice 1

Apple it runs for cover: a few days after the release of a jailbreak capable of acting on regularly updated smartphones, a new update comes from Cupertino that closes a serious vulnerability and restores the situation. Therefore, the new version of the operating system, identified as iOS 12.4.1.

iOS 12.4.1

The release of iOS 12.4.1 represents a patch to that iOS 12.4 released only a few weeks ago and that in a short time highlighted a serious problem already previously recorded on iOS 12.3. In fact, with the previous release, Apple he had inadvertently reintroduced into the operating system a vulnerability that had already been corrected prematurely, thus generating a serious security problem. The bug was discovered and a jailbreak was built on this that put Cupertino in alarm: for a long time now, it was no longer possible a jailbreak on an updated version of the operating system Apple. Hence the need for an urgent and immediate intervention, which resulted in today's 12.4.1.


As indicated in the bulletin branch security, the update is available for all iPhones from 5S onwards, iPad Air and later, and sixth-generation iPod touch. The crediting of the discovery is attributed to Ned Williamson of Google Project Zero. The update is immediately available for installation.

Further updates released at the same time: macOS 10.14.6, watchOS 5.3.1 and tvOS 12.4.1.

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