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by Kelvin
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As usual, Apple has interrupted the iOS 12.4 signing process, thus canceling the possibility of making the downgrade to that version. For those wishing to restore their own iPhone in view of the arrival of the new iOS 13 version, will therefore now be forced to use the version iOS 12.4.1.

The interruption of iOS 12.4 signatures by Apple could, in fact, derive from the discovery of a bug that allowed the execution of the jailbreak right on the old version of iOS. Bug that Apple promptly fixed in the later version, which remains the only installable one.



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If, therefore, you are willing to do the jailbreak on your iOS device, we recommend you do not update to the latest version available, as it will no longer be possible to go back and, therefore, exploit the security flaw.

The signing process of iOS 12.4.1it will also be soon canceled also for all those devices that will receive the stable update to iOS 13 on September 19th. Recall that the release of the next version of iOS, iOS 13.1, is set for the 30 September 2019, thus marking a rather active period for the software development division of Apple.

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The signatures of iOS 12.4.1 they will remain instead open for all those devices that will not be updated to iOS 13, which we remember to be iPhone 5s and iPhone 6/6 Plus, which reached the end of support from the company.

In any case, let's hope the new one iOS version 13 prove to the height of the predecessor iOS 12, which was appreciated by many for its stability and consistency demonstrated compared to the iOS 11 version, black sheep of the mobile OS family Apple.

For those who do not want to exploit the jailbreak and are about to upgrade to iOS 13, we recommend updating to iOS 12.4.1, since the new version should guarantee a higher security level than the previous iOS 12.4, above all thanks to the resolution of the jailbreak bug.

Via: 9to5Mac

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