iOS 12 reaches 90% share in devices Apple a few weeks after the launch of iOS 13

by Kelvin
iPhone X XS

Apple just updated its distribution statistics of the different versions of iOS on all globally activated iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and iOS 12 has just reached 88% share. If we only count the devices sold in the last 4 years, iOS 12 is installed in 90% of the devices.


Apple publish these numbers depending on the traffic of the App Store, since they are important numbers for developers, is a very useful and reliable way to get them. That is, probably on this list do not enter that iPhone you have in a drawer.

iOS has grown faster than iOS 11

According to the data offered by Apple, of the total number of devices that access the App Store, 88% of them have iOS 12 as an operating system, 7% have iOS 11 installed and the remaining 5% are still in a version earlier than iOS 11. These are probably devices that cannot be updated.

ios distribution 13

On the other hand Apple It also provides a chart with the devices sold in the last four years, and in this case the figures are better. The 90% of users with a device with less than 4 years have iOS 12 installed, 7% continue with iOS 11 and only 3% have an earlier version of the mobile operating system of Apple.

If we compare these update rates we see how iOS 12 has grown faster than iOS 11. At this point last year iOS 11 was installed on 85% of devices, so it seems that the stability and optimization of iOS 12 has convinced more users to update their iPhone and iPad.

These figures arrive in the middle of a long period of betas of a new operating system. It is expected that in the month of September iOS 13 will be officially launched and we will see if it manages to beat the iOS 12 update figures. Although the compatible devices have been reduced, both iOS 13 and iPadOS include a large number of novelties.