iOS 13 and iPadOS beta 6 for developers: news and installation

by Kelvin

Upgrade: the corresponding sixth betas of tvOS 13 and watchOS 6 have also been launched.

Little by little we approach the release of the final version of iOS 13 and iPadOS and that is why the frequency of launch of the corresponding betas is shortened to be able to have everything ready before the arrival of this release date. The development team of Apple it seems that He has not gone on vacation since the sixth beta for iOS 13 and iPadOS developers has been released, although in the next few hours we expect the corresponding public beta to be launched.


You can now download the beta 6 of iOS 13 and iPadOS

These betas already every time they bring less aesthetic improvements and focus solely on bug resolution that certainly is quite necessary. We are in a beta and that is why we still find several bugs or applications that crashean for no reason. We are already installing these betas on our devices to be able to appreciate all the changes that may have been introduced, and of course, we will tell you about it below.


As we say, right now we are installing these betas on our devices and that is why We do not know the improvements that are incorporated. Anyway, we recommend you to visit this article because then we will be specifying all the news that we find while we try them.

The news we found are:

  • Enable disable Dark mode from the Control Center.
  • The folders now have a different background transparency, darker than in previous betas.
  • Is already possible do not preview links if this option is disabled through the 3D Touch menu.
  • It is no longer possible that Siri announce incoming messages when we use AirPods 2 or Beats headphones. We do not know if this will return in future betas, but at the moment this option to choose in the settings no longer appears.
  • Notices when an app accesses our location in the background.
  • Bluetooth permissions have been updated allowing some devices to use it when we are nearby.
  • Photos and App Store applications now show a welcome screen indicating the news of these regarding iOS 12.
  • New paragraphs in the conditions of the privacy policy of the device analysis when we choose if we want to share this data when Apple.
  • Apple Pay It now mentions in its conditions that the location of the device can be used to identify the merchants where we make payments.
  • The volume settings they return to have 16 possibilities of sound in front of the 34 that brought in beta 5.
  • The LTE / 4G icon is no longer a large size as in previous betas and has returned to a normal size.

As we say, this beta is very focused on bug resolution and the incorporation of very important security patches so that when this update comes out tWe deceive a good user experience.

How to test this beta 6 of iOS 13 and iPadOS?

Yes already you have installed beta 5 of iOS 13 or iPadOS The way to upgrade to the third beta will be very simple. The process is identical to that which must be carried out with normal system updates.

  1. Go to Settings from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  2. Go to General> Software update.
  3. You will see that the beta 5 ready to download. The download process may take longer than expected because many people are downloading it from the servers of Apple. But after downloading it the process will go much faster.

These betas are designed for developers and therefore should not be open to anyone, but if you are curious, you can install it without being a developerfollowing the same steps we indicated when the fifth beta came out. If what you want is to try the public beta of these systems you can follow our tutorial by pressing here although the fifth public beta will not leave until next week surely.