iOS 13: Spotify can be controlled with Siri

by Kelvin
iOS 13: Spotify can be controlled with Siri

iOS 13: Spotify can be controlled with Siri 2

Probably not in the best business plans of Apple, which obviously prefers to push its music streaming service, but after the trouble with the antitrust, it was to be expected that a door would open for a greater integration of Spotify. It seems that the negotiations have already been started and soon Siri will be able to help the users to control the music reproduction directly with the voice.

Spotify will check with Siri

The information comes from a report released by colleagues of The Information, according to which users can use the voice (and Siri, of course) to start the playing a song, send it forward or pause it. In theory, this possibility will be given to all developers of applications for streaming audio content (including Podcasts and audiobooks) starting from iOS13. In fact, the APIs within Sirikit will be available to all third-party developers who decide to use them.


So probably this will be the starting point for Spotify too, but the report suggests that – regardless – Apple is in talks with the company to stipulate special agreements. Given the importance of streaming music service, and direct competition with Apple Music, we must think that the hypothesis is not so risky. However, there will be hardly any official announcements – with confirmations or denials – before the release of the first stable release of iOS 13, scheduled for next month.