iOS 14: how to make Gmail your default mailbox on the iPhone

by Kelvin
iOS 14: how to make Gmail your default mailbox on the iPhone

The release of iOS 14 allows you to change your browser and default box on iPhone and iPad. Google has just updated the Gmail application so that you can use its service rather than Mail.

iOS 14 has been available since September 17, and you may already be using the new version of the operating system if you have a compatible iPhone. And maybe you are already discovering each of the novelties. One of them could come in very handy, if you are not using the default software provided by Apple : it is the possibility of changing mailbox.


The new iOS indeed offers to no longer use Safari or Mail as default software for browsing the web and checking mail. In terms of browser, it is thus possible to opt for Google Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge or DuckDuckGo. And for e-mail, you can switch to Gmail, for example: the Google mobile application has become compatible.

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How to set Gmail to default on iPhone

To do this, you must first make sure that you have iOS 14 on your iPhone or iPad, then go to the App Store to get the latest version of Gmail for iOS. This is version 6.0.200825. Google attaches a message to it explaining that it is possible to set Gmail as the default email application. For this, two solutions are available to you.

Gmail iOS 14

The main steps to accomplish to switch Gmail by default on iOS 14: update the mobile application, go to the settings of the iPhone and iPad and select the webmail of your choice.

The first is to follow the onscreen instructions in the Google app. Otherwise, you have to go to the iPhone settings, then go to the Gmail settings and finally access the “Default e-mail app” section. On the new screen, all you have to do is check Gmail and that’s it. You can back out at any time if you prefer to go back to Mail.

The easing in iPhone personalization may seem anecdotal, but part of the reason for this is a trend, visible in the EU, which leaves less and less room for systems that are too locked in or define instead what the default options of a smartphone should be – whether it is an Android mobile or an iPhone.

In Europe, Google was forced to reveal alternatives to its software. Thus, mobile users can discover other search engines during the initial configuration. Nothing says thatApple will not be affected one day. Therefore, this loosening in the choice of the application for the mail (or the browser) can be seen as a means of taking the initiative and showing that there is no abuse of a dominant position here, because Internet users can, for example, switch from Mail to Gmail.

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