IOS 4 Beta and iPadOS 15 for Developers Now Official

by Kelvin
Бета 4 iOS и iPadOS 15 для разработчиков теперь официально

How to install these fourth beta versions

If you already had any of the previous beta versions installed and you keep the developer profile installed on your iPhone or iPad, you only need to upgrade to Settings> General> Software update. In this section, you will find the new beta version available for download and installation. If you didn’t have the beta installed, or you deleted your profile, we advise you to read the article in which we show you how to install the beta version of iOS 15 or iPadOS 15.

elimination of beta version of ios 15 perfil iphone

We remember that these still unstable versions despite the fact that in general, the previous beta worked quite correctly. Do not forget that errors such as increased battery consumption, inability to use some applications, unexpected reboots, and any other problems may occur. For this reason, it is not recommended to install these versions on devices that are used in everyday life, unless it is your job to test these types of versions if you are a developer.


At the moment we can not describe in detail news of those fourth beta releases, if any, as we are still installing them in our terminals. In the next few hours or days, we will publish in La Manzana Mordida the most striking details that may be in these versions. We remember that in previous beta releases we saw some improvements over the fact that Apple initially presented as new items of both systems at WWDC 2021, which took place in June.

When will iOS 15 come out? Will there be iOS 14.7.2 before?

Except for a big surprise, Apple will not release these software versions until September … Probably a few days after the presentation of their new iPhone, which will already hit the market with iOS 15 as standard. It is still risky to give an exact date, but it is practically a fact that it will be in that ninth month of the year, despite the fact that the company points out that it will be “autumn” without giving further clues.

What doesn’t seem so clear is that iOS 14.7.1, released last Monday, will be the latest version of iOS 14. A priori, this is a version that is already too advanced to require new features, and it also looks to be well in in terms of stability. However, there will still be a long August in which a vulnerability requiring an update is likely to emerge with candidates 14.7.2 or 14.8.