IOS 7 Beta 6 available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini

by Kelvin

Apple officially publishes the beta 6 of iOS 7 for developers, a version, which like iOS 7 beta 5, arrives unexpectedly breaking, now yes, the typical cycle of updates with which they released a new version every 15 days . In this new beta version, it seems, only some corrections are added to the mobile operating system made in Cupertino.

IOS 7 Beta 6 available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini


This new version of iOS 7, beta 6, is available for download through the Apple Dev Center or through an update through the same device via OTA (Over The Air), only for users registered in the developer program of Apple.

A Bug in iTunes in the Cloud Brings Us iOS 7 Beta 6 Unexpectedly

A recent rumor of BGR said that the launch of this new beta had to be next week, as in our prediction of when iOS 7 will come out we thought it would arrive on the 19th, with the expected release of the GM (Golden Master) version on next September 10, although until then these sources of information had no knowledge of a bug that exists with iTunes in the Cloud in beta 5.

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An Official Announcement Explains the Reason for Exiting iOS 7 Beta 6

With the arrival of this new beta, an official announcement was published explaining the reason why this new version came out.

This update faces a problem with iTunes in the Cloud, where some purchases can download or play items unexpectedly. If you have devices that have previous versions of iOS 7 beta, it is necessary:

  • Install iOS 7 beta 6
  • Install the configuration profile ResetMusicAndVideosLibraries
  • From Settings> Music, click on the Reset Media Library button
  • Restart device

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Official Download for iOS 7 Beta 6 Developers for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

The links you will find below are the official download links of the Apple Dev Center of iOS 7 beta 6 for developers or users who have an account their iOS device registered with a developer account.

So far no more features are known for this new iOS 7 beta 6, although we will be attentive to report any news about it.

If you are not a developer do not worry, we will shortly put at your disposal the direct download links of iOS 7 beta 6 for non-developers and a tutorial on how to install it.

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