iOS 7 Has a Security Bug that Unlocks ¬ęSearch my iPhone¬Ľ

by Kelvin
iOS 7 Has a Security Bug that Unlocks ¬ęSearch my iPhone¬Ľ 1

Recently an important failure has been discovered in the new mobile operating system of Apple, iOS 7, this security flaw can allow users the option to disable one of the most important features of the operating system, we talk about ¬ęSearch my iPhone¬ę, without having to enter the password to be able to carry out such action .

Search My iPhone - iOS 7 Bug


iOS 7 Has a New Security Bug Related to "Search my iPhone"

Although in principle this does not seem so important, this operation could allow any malicious person who wants to steal the device from us: make it invisible to location services, restore it with a new account and, in short, be able to enjoy our device.

This bug can be used on any of the devices that have iOS 7.0.4 through some very simple steps that are related to some modifications that can be made through the iCloud settings.

IOS 7 Security Bug Video and Find My iPhone

Below you can see the video made by the people of MacRumors in which the steps to follow are shown in order to deactivate ¬ęSearch my iPhone¬Ľ on devices (iPhone, iPad) with iOS 7.

The Bug Does Not Work with Devices with Lock Code or Touch ID Enabled

One of the things that can ‚Äúcomfort‚ÄĚ most users is that this fault does not work if their devices have activated the lock code or the Touch ID, this is because in order to access the Settings section it will be necessary Unlock the device, however it is still a security issue that should not be underestimated.

According to what has been reported on the web, this bug can also be used on iPad, although it seems that Apple You are aware of this problem since this bug is not available in iOS 7.1.

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