iOS 8.2 could allow Jailbreak to iPhone and iPad again

by Kelvin
iOS 8.2 could allow Jailbreak to iPhone and iPad again 1

The iPhone and iPad Jailbreak with iOS 8.2 could arrive relatively quickly, after its launch

It is not news that the latest and current version of the mobile operating system of Apple, iOS 8.1.3 does not allow Jailbreak to iPhone, iPad and iPod touchHowever, this situation could change very soon as after the early release of iOS 8.2 the possible new version of the Jailbreak for iOS devices from Apple.

iOS 8.2 could allow Jailbreak to iPhone and iPad again 2

TaiG already has the necessary exploits to do the Jailbreak to iOS 8.2

The already famous team that was in charge of developing the TaiG jailbreak, which were Those responsible for launching the jailbreak version for iOS 8.1 already have a Jailbreak available for iOS 8.2 beta 1 and 2. Although at the moment it has been mentioned that they have the Jailbreak for that version, since then new beta versions of iOS 8.2 have arrived, in addition to Apple has closed access to the first and second beta version of iOS 8.2, the funny thing is that despite this the Californian company has not patched its firmware, which should mean that in iOS 8.2 we can jailbreak.


Through the official website of TaiG the developers have stated that have managed to create a Jailbreak Untethered for iOS 8.2, which could mean that the TaiG team already have prepared new exploits which will be necessary to access iOS 8.2. Of course, TaiG will not be available until iOS 8.2 is officially presented and the Jailbreak is finally completed for the new firmware version.

Of course, this is very good news, since Apple He managed to block the possibility of doing the Jailbreak with the launch, last January, of iOS 8.1.3 for iPhone and iPad, and it was when the rumor arose that a new jailbreak could arrive with the release of iOS 8.2.

iOS 8.2 could allow Jailbreak to iPhone and iPad again 3

The iOS 8.2 Jailbreak will probably not be compatible with iOS 8.1.3

On the possible question of whether or not we are going to see the iOS 8.1.3 Jailbreak, it is important to note that this firmware version is probably the last minor update of iOS 8.1, which means that the next update of iOS 8 is possibly iOS 8.2. This update will be a great update, especially since it will be the first firmware version that is compatible with the Apple WatchAt least it is what is believed since Apple so far, in the beta versions of iOS 8.2, the WatchKit software development kit has been included, which will allow developers to create applications for the new smartwatch.

However, at the same time, iOS 8.2 will be a great update in terms of new features and changes. The newest will be the support of Apple Watch, but this will only interest those users who buy the new smart watch from Apple after its launch sometime in April.

IOS 8.2 is quite likely to be released very soon, perhaps after the March 9 event. For the proximity of the arrival of the new iOS It is very likely that Jailbreak developers do not bother trying to jailbreak iOS 8.1.3 and instead they will focus on iOS 8.2.

iOS 8.2 could allow Jailbreak to iPhone and iPad again 4

If you want Jailbreak iPhone and iPad updated to iOS 8.1.3, you will have to wait for the release of the new iOS 8.2 Jailbreak that will come after the release of that firmware version. However, if you still have iOS 8.1.2 installed on your iOS device and want to do the Jailbreak, we recommend you take a look at our guides to do it from Mac computers and Windows.

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