iOS 8, Handoff and a look at the new OS X Yosemite

by Kelvin
iOS 8, Handoff and a look at the new OS X Yosemite 1

We review Handoff the new feature of iOS 8 and Mac computers

Beyond that, for logical reasons, from the keynote we have become more interested in the new developments and technologies presented for the iOS 8 mobile operating system, the updated environment for Mac computers, OS X Yosemite, also brings its own. Therefore, from the Handoff function we want to review what are the main novelties of the new operating system for Mac computers, from Apple, and iOS devices.

iOS 8, Handoff and a look at the new OS X Yosemite 2

Handoff and continuity between iPhone and Mac

Indeed, without doubt the most interesting presentation we have had in OS X Yosemite regarding the integration of Mac computers and iOS mobile devices (iPhone, iPad), is the concept of continuity between them. Apple It calls the possibility of transferring the applications and documents that we are using from our handheld device to the computer, automatically and through the Handoff system, that is, without hands.


In this regard, we must say that the transfer of all types of content through Handoff is only one of the great four novelties that are part of this new concept of continuity. However, it is perhaps the most important of them, more striking than SMS and calls, and also outstanding with respect to what is called the instant Hotspot, as the people of AppleInsider emphasize.

As for the operation of Handoff, we must say that it will occur in such a way that the Mac will be “watching” the iPhone through the WiFi connection between the two, it is enough that both have the same iCloud account. The computer will "listen" to the calls that the mobile makes each time a new application is opened or work on a new content, and that will regenerate it on your screen, as long as we have configured it in such a way, of course.

A step forward in syncing iOS and Mac products from Apple

Outside of the aforementioned, Handoff is interesting since it has an almost absolute recognition of all the applications that we can be using on iPhone to transfer them to the Mac. To mention a few, it is the case of Mail, of the pages of Safari, files belonging to iWork, and many others, such as contacts or calendar.

iOS 8, Handoff and a look at the new OS X Yosemite 3

In this way, we are in the presence of one of the most important steps that the Californian has recently made in terms of synchronization of their devices from an iPhone and a Mac. In fact, already with this novelty and that of Airdrop, We can be sure that at least those who work in professional environments will feel a great interest in updating their mobile phones and computers. Apple. to update when available.

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