iOS 8: Third-party apps and services that will be "obsolete." Dropbox, WhatsApp and others

by Kelvin
iOS 8: Third-party apps and services that will be "obsolete." Dropbox, WhatsApp and others 1

iOS 8 includes news that could replace some Apps and third-party services

Apple, during the keynote that took place on Monday, June 2, during WWDC 2014, we presented all the interesting and innovative features of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, the next versions of the mobile and computer operating system of the Californian company. Within all these developments, we have seen how the Cupertino boys have included in their new operating system some functions that can be accessed natively and that were previously only available through third-party applications and services, which could become obsolete when this update is available to all users. Find out below what these news are.

iOS 8: Third-party apps and services that will be "obsolete." Dropbox, WhatsApp and others 2

Messaging Applications

Now, with the new iOS 8, Messages, the iOS native messaging application will benefit from a large number of mojaras thanks to its new features, which are already present in the most popular messaging applications on the market. Now the photos and video files that are added to the conversations will be automatically grouped in the lower part of the conversation and, unless the user saves them, they will automatically disappear from the conversations. It also has new functions such as the recording of audio messages and quick access to the realization of photos or videos, through analogous gestures on the screen, something that had been recently introduced in the Snapchat application.


Messages, in general, have been enriched with the most complete functions, apart from those we have already mentioned. Among these we can also find: voice messages, the ability to mute and leave a chat group, all the features that are already available in other popular messaging applications such as the famous cross-platform messaging app, WhatsApp.

And if that was not enough, Apple He also added the new feature that will give users the ability to make voice calls directly from their Mac computer thanks to the new OS X Yosemite, so that it will counteract the impact of applications such as Google Voice and Skype.

iOS 8: Third-party apps and services that will be "obsolete." Dropbox, WhatsApp and others 3

Cloud storage platforms

Another of the big announcements related to the new operating systems of Apple is the arrival of iCloud Drive, a file management system which is based on cloud storage and which will be available for iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, and will even be compatible with third-party applications and computers with operating system Windows 8. In this way, the files that we have stored in iCloud Drive will be accessible from different devices and, they will be automatically synchronized in the “cloud” to be able to have everything updated in real time and always available, regardless of the device that is being used

Of course, this new feature is similar to applications already known and currently available in the App Store, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive, as well as any other cloud storage platform. Further, Apple I also report the prices of the service, which are in line with those of the competition, giving 5GB for free and then payment options such as the possibility of having 20 GB of storage for $ 0.99 per month and 200 GB for $ 3.99 per month.

iOS 8: Third-party apps and services that will be "obsolete." Dropbox, WhatsApp and others 4

Photo editors

Apple It also renews the camera application that comes natively in iOS 8, now it has added a series of smart tools that will help with the correction and editing of images. In addition to allowing the user to independently control the brightness and contrast levels of the photos. These new features will allow users to configure all these parameters easily and quickly.

Obviously, these functions are similar to those we can find in photo editing applications such as the famous Camera +, Afterlight, among many others. The way in which these functions have been introduced in the native iOS application will give users a special advantage, since all the changes they make within the camera app will be automatically synchronized through iCloud, thus allowing to have the photo available, in real time, on all devices of the user or users.

iOS 8: Third-party apps and services that will be "obsolete." Dropbox, WhatsApp and others 5

Physical activity monitoring and health monitors

Although during this presentation in the keynote the rumored and long-awaited iWatch has not yet been presented, Apple has presented the new application oriented to health, this is called Health, so it is quite likely that they will try to steal a bit of prominence and space to the different applications dedicated to this category.

Health, in fact, has been conceived with the intention of monitoring, in a single application, all the information that may be related to the health of the users, such information also includes the monitoring and monitoring of physical activities made by the user, including data that may derive from third-party applications, such as the popular Nike application, Nike +.

iOS 8: Third-party apps and services that will be "obsolete." Dropbox, WhatsApp and others 3

Searches with Google and Google Now

Finally, another of the important changes introduced by Apple In iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite are related to Spotlight, in fact, this feature has been thoroughly reviewed and expanded. Now, in fact, searches are not only performed on data that is stored locally, but will also have the ability to show a relationship of our search with data that can be found on Wikipedia, Maps, news, schedules, movie billboards and finally, content on iTunes and the App Store.

The new Spotlight, in OS X Yosemite, will also perform searches on the web, adopting Bing as a search engine instead of Google. However, it seems that this feature in the new iOS 8, at least for now, will continue to use Google as a search engine. These new changes make many think that Apple He could be working on his own search engine powered by his vocal assistant, Siri, "Siri-powered".

iOS 8: Third-party apps and services that will be "obsolete." Dropbox, WhatsApp and others 7

Obviously, the fact that these new features included by Apple in their new operating systems they can overshadow the success of third-party applications, it will always depend on how well these new features work. In fact, it is not the first time that the Californian firm ventures into fields that it was not facing and that over time tend to be a natural part of the ecosystem Apple.

Apps that could replace the new iOS 8 natively on iPhone and iPad

Then we leave you with the applications that Apple «Use as inspiration» to make the new version of your mobile operating system, iOS 8, more complete.

Do you think of these new features added by Apple on iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite? If you use any of these applications for functions that your iPhone did not have natively and now if you would change your App as usual or would you continue to use it?

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