iOS: How to filter spam or unknown messages

by Kelvin
iOS: How to filter spam or unknown messages

iOS has several useful but hidden functions. In CNET en Español we find them and we tell them to you as guides and how-to so that you master them and take advantage of your devices. This time we are going to tell you how to filter spam or unknown messages that you do not want to see mixed together with your important messages.

Given the increase in spam by messages and calls, Apple It has provided its devices with tools that block most of these attempts to make us fall for scams, false promotions or any other spam campaign. In addition to this guide on blocking spam messages, we also tell you how to block calls from unknown numbers.


To filter the messages, all you have to do is obviously follow these instructions:

Activate the message filter in Settings> Messages> Filter unknown. Activate this last option.

Follow these steps and have a cleaner messaging application with less spam.

Once this is done, go back to the Messages application and you will see that now your conversations are divided into two sections: Contacts and SMS, and a second category called Unknown. In Unknown Senders is where you will find messages that come from phones or emails that you do not have in your directory.

When you read a conversation within that column you will have the option to mark it as Junk and delete it from your phone. In addition, the sender information will be sent to Apple so the company can act to reduce spam.

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