iOS is no longer safer than Android according to researchers

by Kelvin

It has always been said that iOS was a much safer system than Android since it did not suffer so many attacks and was much more sealed to prevent hackers from entering. Now this idea has ended up changing completely after the latest security issues that have been reported in recent weeks, especially the one published by Google’s security team last week.

It is common knowledge that the report of security flaws in Android and iOS is paid quite well by Zerodium. The amount that could be paid was higher in iOS than in Android because it is more difficult to find this type of vulnerability in the operating system of Apple but now the tables have changed.


Researchers earn more with Android failures than with iOS

From Zerodium they have updated their pricing policy and right now if we find a vulnerability in Android that allows someone take absolute control of the device Without the user clicking on anything we will receive 2.5 million dollars. On the other hand, if we make this discovery on iOS, we receive 2 million dollars. Also the report of the exploits in iOS with 1 click of the user It has dropped from 1.5 million dollars to 1 million dollars.



Google details how malware has been entering iPhone for years

Why have vulnerability reporting prices dropped in iOS? The founder of Zerodium himself explains that right now there are many iOS exploits, especially Safari and iMessage chains. This is because security researchers trying to discover these vulnerabilities have begun to focus all their time on iOS, totally destroying the security of the operating system of Apple. He has come to affirm that tthere are so many iOS vulnerabilities that they have been forced to reject any of them, something that surprises us a lot.

With this it is clear that there is no safe operating system and if you start to search in the end there are important failures. It is possible that a few years ago security researchers did not focus so much on iOS and this is why we thought it was much safer than Android But now this idea has completely changed.

Since Apple They are aware of this security problem and that is why they have opened a rewards program so that researchers can report directly to Apple the failures they find in exchange for receiving more money. We must also dand note that from the Cupertino company they will soon start distributing iPhone with specific software to make it easier for security researchers to do their homework.

In the end Apple It benefits from having its software investigated since they can work in the coming months to improve their security and prevent users from being the target of hackers who seek to take advantage of these vulnerabilities. But since Apple they also have to be careful since we must remember that in iOS 12.4 the patch was removed to a security hole that was fixed in previous versions something that without a doubt was a garrafal failure of which Apple it's responsible.

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