iPad 2019: same camera design as the iPhone 11

by Kelvin
iPad 2019: same camera design as the iPhone 11

The design of the camera do you dislike iPhone 11? Not even us, but wait to see how it could be up iPad and iPad Pro, it's worth it. According to Mac Otakara's colleagues, the Mountain View giant would have decided to make an important upgrade to the photographic sector of its famous tablet, even on an aesthetic level, and would be ready to present them already at October.

iPad Pro, a "tablet camera"

An expression that may seem a bit forced now, but we will surely get used to it if the OEM's intention is to produce tablet with advanced photographic compartments. Not only Apple, but also Samsung with its very recent Tab S6. For what concerns the bitten apple device, probably the restyling is planned both on the standard model and on the Pro one.


iPad 2019: same camera design as the iPhone 11 2

The first would be equipped with two cameras, one main and one dedicated to optical zoom, while the second would have even three: to the first two would be added that wide-angle lens. All rooms would be 12MP. It is not yet clear why attention, lately, is turning on the photographic sector of tablets: shooting with heavy devices – and difficult to manage – like these is certainly not particularly convenient. The investment on front cameras is much more interesting: quite useful for videoconferences.

However, it is possible that manufacturers are focusing on mobile photography even on tablets to help uplift (keep stable in the case of Apple) the question of a type of device that is increasingly squeezed between smartphones with large displays and convertible by the specific technical exception.

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