The thing about going to talk to the teacher to see how your child is doing in school or high school is almost a thing of the past. Most autonomous communities have the occasional program to send communications to parents and that they can follow the your child's performance without going through the center. The way we live today or the demanding schedules of some parents make this impossible.


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In the case of the Junta de Andalucía, there is a program called PASEN, which is the one used to communicate the members of the educational community with the legal guardians of the students. And this program now has a mobile version for Android and iPhone called iPasen. With iPasen you can see your child's class schedules, grades and even communicate with your tutor quickly and efficiently to learn more about his academic performance or possible problems that may arise during the course.

What is the PASEN program for?

PASEN is nothing more than a service of the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía that puts all the members of the educational community in contact (legal guardians, students, management positions and teachers). This service has a web application that serves as a communication channel between the two and that allows to maintain a daily and daily dialogue without the need for both parties to be physically fit.

The reasons for using the PASEN program are many, from labor problems to attend tutorials to special cases that require a lot of communication both sides. It is only a tutorial to use electronically but the web version does not end up working well on mobile phones.

iPasen is the Android and iPhone version of the PASEN program

iPasen is the Android and iPhone version of the PASEN program

The Junta de Andalucía is proud to have launched the iPasen application for Android and iPhone, an application that is nothing more than a mobile version of PASEN. This application is perfect for parents or legal guardians of children to track these from the mobile.

From the iPasen app it is possible to see the notes of the children, their absences to classes, communicate with the teachers or the tutor, etc. Using this app is very simple. You just have to download it for Android or iPhone and log in with the keys that will be provided in the PASEN program.

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