iPhone 11 can be much more popular than anyone expected

by Kelvin
Sebastian Jimenez

Before the presentation of the iPhone 11 at the media event last week, I had the feeling that this year's iPhone line would be a provisional measure before the launch of the iPhone 5G in 2020. However, for our Nice surprise, the iPhone 11 is possibly one of the most exciting updates we've seen in years, thanks in large part to advanced camera technologies and impressive features such as night mode.

Further, Apple It made the entry-level iPhone 11 a little more affordable with a price of $ 699 or $ 399 with an eligible exchange. Together, the demand for iPhone 11 models of Apple It seems to be much stronger than many initially anticipated.


At this point, pre-orders for the iPhone 11 were significantly higher compared to pre-orders for the 2018 iPhone line of Apple. In addition, the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (who is usually on the ball when it comes to everything related to Apple) issued a note to the investor informing that the demand for iPhone pre-orders easily exceeded initial expectations.

And now, with the iPhone 11 officially available for purchase, there are even more data points that suggest that Apple You can have a blow of good faith on your hands. While iPhone sales tend to be impressive, the news of the popularity of iPhone 11 is especially notable given that iPhone sales growth in recent quarters has stagnated greatly.

That said, Wedbush analyst Dan Ives published an investor's note today claiming that the iPhone demand has had a strong and impressive start. Of particular interest is that it is said that the demand for the iPhone 11 in China is twice as high as that of the iPhone XR last year.

As for iPhone sales in the US UU., Ive think:

Demand seems very strong for Apple, since the lines in its flagship store in New York rose ~ 70% today compared to what we saw last year according to our analysis. Given our conversations with customers online today, we believe there is a strong demand for the basic version of the iPhone 11, as well as the 256GB iPhone 11 Pro in the Space Gray and Gold colors. At this point, the lines were unbreakable in the afternoon, which is a positive data point for Cupertino, since last year we witnessed that the crowds began to dissipate quickly after the morning fever.

AppleOf course, it no longer launches sales units for the iPhone, or any of its products, so we will have no way of knowing. exactly how strong iPhone 11 sales are. However, compare iPhone-based revenue from quarter to quarter, once Apple Publish your earnings report for the September quarter, you should give us an idea of ​​how strong iPhone sales are.

Image source: Apple

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