iPhone 11 Fast Charging Detail

by Kelvin
iPhone 11 Fast Charging Detail

New from the old iPhone with new camera system and improved battery life iPhone 11 Are you planning to move? Although the iPhone's battery has improved considerably 5W charger adapter it may be difficult to charge the battery.

Introduced last week, the iPhone 11 comes with a 5W charger. Apple Although the old and slow charger was placed in the box, it increased the battery capacity. Charging the battery using the iPhone 11's 5W charging adapter 3 hours is taking a time.

iPhone 11 Fast Charging Detail 2


This is not a problem if you charge your phone at night, but if you charge it more quickly, many situations can be improved. That's why Applealso 18W USB-C charger and USB-C cable. iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Apple, iPhone 11'de connects users to the 5W adapter.

18W charger with approx. 1.5 hours battery for iPhone 11 12W chargers You can also choose. If you own a 2018 iPad, this box comes with an 18W adapter more cheap It should also be noted. Meanwhile, the MacBook's 87W charger will work seamlessly with the iPhone, but don't expect faster charging time.

Applehas launched a new era by adding a fast charger to the iPhone 11 Pro. Maybe next year Apple will be generous to include a quick-charge adapter in all new iPhones as standard.

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