IPhone 11 Pro Max battery sways Galaxy Note10 + and other androids …

by Kelvin
IPhone 11 Pro Max battery sways Galaxy Note10 + and other androids ...

Who attended the Keynote from Apple, Seeing the company highlight the new photography capabilities of the iPhone. The company's focus is on this area, but the new team has other arguments that are less prominent.

We are talking about batteries, which have now been tested against other major competitors. The results are astonishing and the iPhone 11 Pro Max shakes Note10 + and other top androids.


Despite the battery capacity of 3 The new iPhone is unknown, it was finally made public. They are not a significant increase over last year in terms of capacity, but their current performance is far from the one observed last year.

IPhone 11 Pro Max battery test

The most the last test trying to compare a new fleet AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11, the best on the market. Then they collide with Samsung Note10 + and Huawei 30 Mate.

IPhone 11 Pro Max battery sways Galaxy Note10 + and other androids ... 2

The tests carried out are the same for 5 devices, maintaining the same functionality and similar applications. It should be noted that the computer battery is different, with 3969 mAh, 3190 mAh and 3046 mAh for the iPhone. Android devices have 4,300 mAh on Galaxy Note10 + and 4,500 mAh on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

When the test was done, it became clear that the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Mate 30 Pro dominate. IPhone 11 is the first to run out of battery after 5 hours and 2 minutes The second to suffer a power outage is surprisingly Samsung Galaxy Note10 +, which survives 6 hours and 31 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 + cannot reject

A little further we find the iPhone 11 Pro, which survived 6 hours and 42 minutes. Curious to see this difference when the battery is off 2 The first iPhone is similar. Samsung case Galaxy Note10 + is also relevant, because it has a battery that is much bigger than that. Apple.

The big difference comes from 2 The last competitor. Mate 30 Pro remained slightly highlighted at the top for part of the test, but eventually disappeared. That is an iphone 11 Pro Max that I improved at the end of the test.

IPhone 11 Pro Max 30 Note10 + Torque Battery Apple

So we have for Huawei Mate 30 total duration 8 hours and 13 minutes. The big winner is really the best Apple cell phone with 8 hours and 32 minutes. The distance is only 19 minutes, but in this case a lot.

Mate 30 Pro is suitable for

Size 2 The batteries are very different and a little more than 500 mAh that separate this equipment represents much more. Huawei still has work to do on its Android version to get a new device from Huawei. Apple.

Here are two smartphones with the exceptional and longest lasting battery ever tested. They also agreed on developments that had been achieved in this field and that should be immediately extended to others. It also expresses the extraordinary work of Apple when it comes to batteries.

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