iPhone 11 Pro puts something away: the invulnerable Apple-Mobile?

by Kelvin
iPhone 11 Pro puts something away: the invulnerable Apple-Mobile?

Glass is generally considered not very resistant, Apple would like to disprove this assumption with the new housing of the iPhone 11 Pro. But how much is the cell phone gone? Lots, as current tests prove.

If Zack of "JerryRigEverything" grabs the knife and the backs of new smartphones "edited", then you can imagine the result in the end pictorially. But this time, the well-known creator was not astonished when he so maltreated the new iPhone 11 Pro. Apparently the attack initially leaves visible visible scratches on the glass surface of the iPhone 11 Pro. But a little later, the "scratches" can simply be "wiped out" and that AppleCell phone looks like new. How can that be?


Scratches that just disappear again – iPhone 11 Pro attacks:

iPhone 11 Pro: The "Wolverine" among the Applecell phones

Own the new one AppleCell phone about fantastic self-healing powers like the famous cartoon hero "Wolverine"? Not quite, yet the scientific explanation fascinates. The new glass surface of the iPhone 11 Pro is roughened microscopically and has a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale (10 is the maximum value and corresponds to the hardness of a diamond). If now a "processing" with softer material, then material is removed from this, quasi demolished, and not vice versa. The supposed scratches are therefore no scratches, but just these traces of material. These disappear again and leave no damage to the iPhone 11 Pro.

Hard to take, but what's wrong with the iPhone 11 Pro? We tell you:

In practice, this means: A case is probably not an absolute must for such an iPhone – amazing. Even otherwise, the iPhone 11 Pro proves to be quite robust in the test of "JerryRigEverything" – the camera is as it were protected from scratches, bending can be AppleHandset also not and the display survived a "fire attack" for 60 seconds.

iPhone 11 Pro in the case test

Absolutely invulnerable is not the new iPhone 11 Pro not, because in case tests from great heights, the newcomer must be beaten and breaks. However, only from high altitudes, otherwise survived AppleHandset smaller, practical crashes namely uninjured and is in the end even harder than his brothers iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max. (Via MacRumors).

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