iPhone 11 Pro: 'Toughest Crystal' Lost in Drop Test

iPhone 11 Pro: 'Toughest Crystal' Lost in Drop Test 1

September, 10th Apple Launch the new iPhone 11 family, promising to complement the most sophisticated model: the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max – with "the toughest glass ever seen on a smartphone." To test this promise, Tom's Guide did a crash test on the Pro model.


The author tested the phone "Apple”Only from the front and the back down. You can see the results in the following video:

The first test is to drop the iPhone 11 Pro with a screen down to waist level. After an accident, the device breaks on part of the screen and breaks on the screen.

The second experiment consisted of dropping the device with its back to the floor at the same height. This time there was no damage. Apple. Finally, the back cover doesn't hold up, it impacts after falling from shoulder height and produces more scratches on the other side – the panel.

Due to the state of the cell phone after three attempts, the author prefers to end the test, because both parts have already shown a large part defective.

Remember that the new iPhone model also goes through other tests, such as camera comparison and audio zoom; both oppose Galaxy Note 10 plus.

What do you think about the performance of the iPhone? 11 Pro in a crash test? Tell us what you think about the comment room.

that Apple iPhone 11 Pro is not yet available in Brazilian stores. Notified when it arrived.

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