iPhone 11: reverse recharge and improved Face ID

by Kelvin
iPhone 11: reverse recharge and improved Face ID

iPhone 11: reverse recharge and improved Face ID 2

Despite missing less than two weeks to launch the new ones iPhone 11, leaks and forecasts continue to arrive confirming or denying what has been leaked in the past. According to the latest Bloomberg report, the iPhonefi futures may have some interesting news, such as a more powerful facial recognition system.

iPhone 11 with reverse charging

Three of the most interesting details have emerged lately about the new iPhone. The first concerns the Face ID: as anticipated in the past, Apple it may have improved the famous 3D recognition system, essentially expanding its viewing angle. In this way, the owner of one of the new iPhone 11 could be recognized by the same even when his face is not perfectly in front of the device. Consider, for example, the convenience of unlocking the smartphone while it is resting on the table: currently it is not possible, you have to lean over to completely show your face to the recognition system.


Another novelty would concern the photographic sector, or rather its potential: we now know how its design will be, but there are still doubts about its characteristics. We have already told you about the Smart Frame functionality, to which are added other interesting details. The device may be able to take photos simultaneously with all the rear sensors on board so as to mix them to offer a final photo of superior quality. Not only, Apple would also have worked a lot to improve the quality of night photos.

Finally, the hypothesis of the presence of reverse recharge on board the future iPhone 11 (Pro models only). For those who do not know what it is, it is the function that allows you to turn your smartphone into a real wireless charging plate. With regard to the iPhone, however, a doubt arises: they will be able to supply energy to any compatible device, or the reverse recharge can be exploited only for Apple Watch and AirPods? Knowing the policies of Apple, we would not be surprised if there were such blocks and limits.