iPhone 11 still brings slow charger of only 5 W

by Kelvin
iPhone 11 still brings slow charger of only 5 W

This Tuesday (10), the iPhone 11 was presented by Apple. Apple's new smartphone, available in three variants, has brought some good improvements over the previous generation, especially in the camera and durability categories. However, the less powerful option still comes with a simple 5 W loader that goes out of line with all other flagships launched in 2019.

It's amazing how, according to Appleyour new smartphones have the best dual CPU and GPU in the world when we talk about smartphones, but have storage versions compared to mid-range devices released in 2018.


Okay, the design was not surprising, as keeping a secret about a device under development is becoming increasingly difficult these days, and many sites had already published renders that showed the new iPhone as it really is. But some things could be different.

Maybe there is a reason

We know that sales of smartphones have fallen all over the world, including the United States. To maintain profitability in times when fewer handsets are sold, perhaps the Apple has taken the idea that users will buy accessories separately. As you can see in the screenshot below, taken from the official iPhone 11 website, there is an inscription that says "Fast Charging Compatible" and a link to purchase the gadget separately.

(Source: Phone Arena / Playback)

In addition to not bringing a fast charger and having a 64GB version of storage, the iPhone 11 comes with low resolution LCD screen by 2019: 828×1792 pixel standards.

Not everything is lost

Not to be a total frustration, fortunately the Pro 11 and Pro Max variants of the iPhone 11 come with a quick 18 W charger in the box and come with Retina XDR display, although they still have 64 GB versions.

For comparison, the simplest version of Samsung Galaxy S10e has 128 GB of storage.

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