IPhone 11, the terminal of Apple which rewards the loyalty of its users

by Kelvin
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Each time the brand of the bitten apple announces the launch of a new equipment, there is much that is speculated about it, since for several years, they have the peculiarity of not talking too much about the specifications of said terminal. The iPhone 11 is no exception, however, its biggest secrets will be revealed.

What is special about the new iPhone 11?

Whether by marketing strategy or simple generation of expectations, the truth is that the distinctive feature of Apple lies in not revealing too much about their future releases. Indeed, specific details are in the public domain, but by trend, you have to wait for someone to break up the phone, to know for sure its components.


Although the American manufacturer reveals information regarding hours of autonomy and performance, it is more that is saved for the surprise, details such as battery capacity, RAM and milliamps are some of the aspects that become enigmas until the terminal arrives at the hands of the user.

The components of the new member of the IPhone family:

The iPhone 11 is part of the new generation of the brand – along with the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone Pro Max – and is characterized by mounting a new processor and 4GB of RAM. Although the rumors speculate about more cameras and innovative features, the truth is that the shoes that you have to fill to be the successor of the XS model are great.

New design:

While the iPhone 11 will have a double rear camera – no less than 12 MP – the Pro and Pro Max models, will mount 3 lenses, in terms of RAM capacity, stands out with 4GB leaving for its anatomy, a size without too many surprises thanks to the incorporation of a 6.1 inch LCD screen.

For its part, the Pro and Pro Max versions will have 6 GB of RAM and OLED screens of 5.8 and 6.5 inches respectively.

Other technical specifications:

The common denominator of the three versions of the iPhone 11 lies in its processors, equipped with the new generation A13, considering the level of artificial intelligence that its predecessor had – the A12 chip also manufactured by Apple – No wonder it excels more than an unparalleled advance.

The storage capacities do not leave room for criticism, they would be 64GB, 256GB and 512GB for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Points against the iPhone 11 family:

Despite being a six-core processor running at 2.66GHz, the Apple A13 does not imply much progress with respect to its predecessor, which leads to deduce the peculiarity of a processor of the brand stagnates in regard to multicore power and more considering the trajectory of the firm in recent years.

So, it's easy to say that the Apple A13 will be focused on something more than responding efficiently to mononuclear tests, among the options, it is speculated to be designed to perform better in everyday life, where it shows about 15% in terms of progress, compared to the previous model.

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