iPhone 11, these will be the great news of the phone of Apple

by Kelvin
iPhone 11, these will be the great news of the phone of Apple

iPhone 11, these will be the great news of the phone of Apple 2

Apple It is close to announcing the new generation of its phones, which are the flagship of its entire product range. Interesting news is expected in the iPhone 11, with advances in what has to do with photography, usability and, of course, in relation to the iOS operating system when using a new version. This is what to expect.

One of the most interesting advances to be included in all new smartphones of the brand – yes, again there will be several models that reach the market – it has to do with the use of Face ID, where it is expected to offer better performance and, also, more speed in recognizing the face of users. The photograph will also be one of the stars in the presentation that will be held in September, since the most powerful model of the Cupertino company will integrate three sensors, possibly the additional one will be in charge of power the wide angle (Smart Frame). This, together with an improvement in the processing of the software and the option of recording with the front camera at 120 frames per second, suggests that the qualitative leap will be important. The rest of the terminals will use a component with two elements.


With the usual improvements in processor – the arrival of SoC A13 known as Cebu is expected) and increased memory, which appear to be effective on the iPhone 11, everything indicates that the expected jump to the connection USB type C will have to wait. A pity since this connection interface offers great options and there are already other products of the company that give it use. By the way, in the screens few news have to wait in terms of panels (the two most advanced will use OLED while the XR model will continue betting on LCD, but here it is possible that the resolution is increased). Yes, an evolution is expected in Taptic Engine, to improve the touch response and phone vibrations of Apple and that will be the goodbye of 3D Touch.

Other possibilities expected in the phones of Apple

One is that a significant improvement could be improved in terms of coverage by integrating a new antenna inside all the iPhone 11, which surely seems to many to be a good decision. Of course, it is not expected that this generation will make the leap to 5G. Aesthetically, it does not point to a radical change in design, but surely Apple You have to keep some detail about it, which could be found in theThe sides of the devices that could be somewhat more angled or flat.

Possible prices of the new iPhone 11

No great news is expected here and there will be a complete continuism regarding what you have to pay right now in Spain for an iPhone. Thus, the model with LCD screen could be maintained at about 860 euros, while to get the rest of the range the initial costs would be 1,159 euros onwards depending on the model and storage capacity. Obviously, this is not confirmed data, but we do not believe that it is a problem indicated for the potential buyers of the firm of the bitten apple.