iPhone 11: Vodafone, Wind and TIM get ready

by Kelvin
iPhone 11: Vodafone, Wind and TIM get ready

iPhone 11: Vodafone, Wind and TIM get ready 2

The new ones iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max were presented only yesterday, now users have started the countdown, which will end on September 20 when the iPhone by will be available for sale. Meanwhile, mobile telephony operators are starting to prepare to welcome the new devices into their catalogs. In particular, it seems that Wind, TIM is Vodafone have already prepared the reference pages.

Vodafone, TIM and Wind ready for iPhone 11

Three identical landing pages for TIM, Wind is Vodafone consisting of an information kit probably provided by the giant of Cupertino and that is customized exclusively by the logo of the operators: so the main operators of mobile phones announce the arrival of the entire range of iPhone 11. At the moment, it seems that Tre non has updated its portal yet, but we are sure it is only a matter of hours before it happens.


There is no information yet on subscription proposals which will make it possible to buy in installments one of the new expensive melafonini, but it is evident – looking carefully at the layout of the pages – that probably also the mobile telephone operators will push Pro models more than the standard ones.