iPhone 11 will not be called iPhone 11, not always

by Kelvin
iPhone 11 will not be called iPhone 11, not always

iPhone 11 will not be called iPhone 11, not always 2

Only a few hours and then the new ones iPhone 11 will be revealed. A handful of hours but it is enough to reveal other rumors about future flagship stores. After the analyst Kuo denied the presence of a couple of features on board the device, the same seems to predict that – according to Bloomberg journalist Gurman – the first name terminals will not be what we think.

iPhone 11: possible names

We emphasize that it is only a matter of forecasts, probably very reliable, but absolutely unofficial. According to the journalist, iPhone 11 will be the successor to iPhone Xr while iPhone Pro and Pro Max will replace the current top of the range iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. number 11 may not be included in the smartphone name.


A prediction that is actually quite sensible for at least a couple of reasons: the logic followed would be the same used for iPad Pro and, above all, the name of the leading iPhone would be too long if it included the number 11 in it. Therefore, summarizing, the models envisaged would be:

  • iPhone 11;
  • iPhone Pro;
  • iPhone Pro Max.

We remind you that the event will be available in streaming starting from 7 pm Italian time, all the details on how to follow the live keynote are available here. Moreover, during the presentation other news should also be announced, the iPhone by – of which the probable prices are already known – would not be the only protagonists.