iPhone 11 will not have a super display, iPhone 12 will

by Kelvin
iPhone 11 will not have a super display, iPhone 12 will

iPhone 11 will not have a super display, iPhone 12 will 2

We had anticipated it and we would like to repeat it, probably the smartphone to buy will be iPhone 12 and not iPhone 11. The latest discovery by BGR colleagues could deny one of the most interesting rumors circulated about display of the next iPhone by.

iPhone 11: the display will be standard

We had told you about the possibility that some of the next iPhone models (which by 2019 should be 3 and be called iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max) could have had a display on board capable of competing with that of the most powerful smartphones of the moment, or a high refresh rate. However, we were referring to the 2020 models.


The news would have been recovery in the last few hours again from the "International Business Times", according to which some analysts would have foreseen that on board of the new iPhone there could have been a display ProMotion like the one on iPad Pro, or with refresh rate of 120Hz.

According to BGR colleagues, the source of this news would not be to look for in some analysts, but in a leak – leaked some time ago and to which we also referred – that reported similar news, but had as its protagonist iPhone 12, or rather, the iPhone by will be launched in 2020. So? It is not clear whether what IBT claims derives from new information or it is actually based on an old indiscretion. Only a reply from those who released the news could allow us to understand if there are still hopes or we will have to give up and wait for next year.

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