iPhone 12: details on its power and processor

by Kelvin
iPhone 12: details on its power and processor

The eternal war between iPhone and other Android devices is still more secretive than ever. Performance in terms of power or energy efficiency tipped the scales on the Android side with the launch of the powerful Snapdragon 865. However, Apple could hit the table with an iPhone 12 brain, I hope the A14 Bionic We already know some data that could make Qualcomm tremble.

iPhone 12: Power and CPU Leak

Everyone is looking at the big releases that remain in 2020. In addition to the new Pixel 4a or Galaxy Note 20, the next iPhone 12 and its leaks have been taking over digital covers from all over the world for weeks now. How could it be otherwise, the great mystery lies in the brain of the iPhone 12, which, although few doubt that it is not the A14 Bionic , its possible execution remains a mystery.


What the A14 Bionic chip will offer

Now, according to a TSMC report compiled by Phone Arena, the iPhone 12 could become the most powerful mobile phone of the year thanks to its new processor. The semiconductor manufacturer has confirmed that new 5nm processors will debut in the fall by contributing 8% of your income. The biggest game of these processors will be for Apple, whose A14 Bionic will be the brain of its next terminals and is expected to be unveiled in September.

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More power and efficiency in 5nm

This chip will make the iPhone 12 the fastest and most energy efficient processor ever, and it will this technology is about 15% faster with 30% less power consumption compared to the current 7nm node found in chips like the A13 itself. The iPhone 11, or the recently unveiled Snapdragon 865+, is the brain of all high-end Androids due out before the end of the year. Many of the rates are based on the fact that all new power will be used Apple offer AR / VR-related features as the iPhone 12 is expected to ship with the same 3D LiDAR laser sensor that powers the iPad Pro.

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Does this increase speed and RAM?

Previous information about the brain of the iPhone 12 showed that this processor can reach maximum frequency 3.1 GHz which is 400 MHz more than the A13 Bionic, which reaches 2.7 GHz. Although this last aspect usually remains a mystery, even when Apple submitted my mobile phone, all bids declined because the iPhone 12 will have RAM which can reach 6 GB At least in its most powerful form.

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