iPhone 12 mini vs Google Pixel 4a: features, prices and more

by Kelvin
iPhone 12 mini vs Google Pixel 4a: features, prices and more

Differences in performance

Before moving on to the technical specifications of each of the devices, we need to introduce you a little context, and we can take into account that both smartphones belong to different product lines, since the iPhone 12 mini is a high-end device and Google Pixel 4a will be in the middle. lines between the upper and middle levels.

iPhone 12 mini vs Google Pixel 4a

iPhone 12 mini Google Pixel 4a
Dimensions (edit)-Height: 13.15 cm.
-Width: 6.42 cm.
-Thickness: 0.74cm
-Height: 14.4 cm.
-Width: 6.94 cm.
Thickness: 0.82 cm
Weight135 grams143 gram
screen5.4 inches Super Retina XDR OLED.5.8 “OLED.
permission2340 x 1080 pixels2340 x 1080 pixels.
CPUA14 Bionic Chip with Next Generation Neural EngineQualcomm Snapdragon 730G
Inner memory-64 GB
– 128 GB
– 256 GB
-128 GB.
Autonomy2227 mAh battery.3140 mAh battery.
Front-camera12 megapixel camera8 megapixel camera
Rear View Camera-Wide angle: 12 MP, f / 1.6 aperture.
-Ultra wide-angle lens: 12 MP, f / 2.4 aperture and 120º field of view.
-Primary: 12.2 MP, f / 1.7 aperture.
Biometric systemsFace IDRear fingerprint reader
OSIOS 14 systemAndroid 10
connection5G mmWave4G
PriceFrom 809 eurosFrom 494.56 euros

Specifications are not everything, you will be making a big mistake if you base your opinion only on the technical data of one device and the other, especially since we have a big difference in terms of the operating system and, therefore, in how optimized both devices. In the introduction to this post, we noted that both Google and Apple, with Android and Ios, and with Pixel and iPhone, they parted with the advantage that in a certain way they can make their equipment based on their software, and you, as we said, this advantage was more or less, this is the result of that, after all, iOS is much more optimized for iPhone than Android for Pixels. At the end of the day, Google also has to consider that its Android software will run on a lot more devices, and therefore its pixel optimization isn’t up to the level of iOS’s iPhone optimization.


Therefore, to truly appreciate one device and the other, we must take into account not only the technical data, but also the usability they provide, in order to truly be able to make the comparison as fair as possible.

Who likes the screen size the most?

iPhone 12 mini with 5G

As we said, both devices seem to be designed to compete for the same audience due to the screen size they offer the user, although here we can conclude that the iPhone 12 mini has an edge over the Google Pixel 4a as it has it’s 5.4 inches Super Retina. XDR is a statement from a huge number of users who have been screaming for years about the opportunity to enjoy a premium smartphone in a reduced size, which is why the iPhone 12 mini is really far from its small size. This device has almost all the advantages of its older brothers, the iPhone 12, 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max.

However, if we say that the big advantage of the iPhone 12 mini is the screen size, then for a certain sector, the big disadvantage is iOS. In the same way that many users asked for a high-end device with a smaller screen, some of this audience asked for it with a specific operating system, Android, and in order to take advantage of this advantage, we have the Google Pixel 4a, which, despite the fact that it does not offer a device the size of an iPhone 12 mini, we remind you that the Pixel 4a is equipped with a 5.8-inch screen, it does not exceed too much and can meet the requirements of this audience to a certain extent, since this smartphone is perhaps not high-end. although, for sure, he is very close.

Cameras, quantity matters

pixel 4a

In the camera section, pixels have been king for years, not so much for the cameras themselves as for the great processing that Google has gotten from the photos they’ve taken. However, in this case, the Pixel 4a has a drawback due to the number of lenses it includes.

Both the iPhone 12 mini and Pixel 4a have a camera module that makes sense in the device Appleas it includes two lenses, one is wide-angle and the other is ultra-wide, but we don’t understand that in a smartphone. Google, which only has one lens, we assume that the inclusion of this module is motivated to maintain the same aesthetics as its older siblings.

If we compare the main lens of both, in the case of the iPhone wide angle, we can see that they are very similar in performance, both have 12MP, they record 4k video, they go up to 240fps … but they are different. slightly in aperture, being f. 1.6 on iPhone and f. 1.7 on the Pixel. As we mentioned earlier, these are nothing more than specs, the results are really good in both cases, however the iPhone beats the Pixel in this section as it has some of the best photos on the market and certainly the best. video, to which, in addition, comparatively speaking, we have to consider that the iPhone 12 mini has an ultra-wide-angle lens that offers brutal perspectives, although in low light it is far from the best ultra-wide-angle lens on the market.

Battery, more mAh means more autonomy?

iPhone 12 mini blanco

Again, we start by commenting on the differences on paper, and here they are significant, at least in numbers. The Pixel 4a has a 3140 mAh battery, while the iPhone 12 mini has a 2227 mAh battery. However, again, the numbers are not everything, since this is one of the moments in which the optimization of the operating system comes into play, firstly, and secondly, the processor of each of the devices.

In the case of the iPhone 12 mini, the battery was a bit of a surprise for the better, as users reported no battery life issues with this device, always taking into account which of the ordinary people are going to use and use the iPhone. 12 mini as a personal device, but anyway Apple did a pretty good job of offering decent autonomy to a device that was fairly small compared to what we’re used to.

As for the Pixel 4a, its 3,140 mAh means that the battery life of a Google smartphone can be considered sufficient, again when you look at the people who usually use this device in their daily life. The absence of such a well-optimized operating system provides it with a good amount of mA.

Thus, we can consider that, comparatively speaking, both devices are quite even in terms of autonomy, offering enough hours of screen for those who want to carry in their pocket and enjoy a smartphone that is very convenient to use. anywhere and in any situation.

Price difference and aspects to consider

pixel 4a

If you’ve gotten to that point by comparison, you’ll find that the iPhone 12 mini outperforms the Google Pixel 4a at most points, but there is a reason for that, like everything else, and that is the price difference between the same. the rest is very significant. The question is, is the difference in price between the two devices proportional to the existing differences? Well, it depends, it depends on your requirements, it depends on the requirements that you have when choosing a device. The cost of the iPhone 12 mini starts at 809 euros, while the Google Pixel 4a can be purchased for 494.56 euros, as we said, the difference in price is significant.

However, there is a point that you must consider, and like this price, it depreciates over time. Products Apple there is the advantage that their aftermarket price does not drop as much as the competition, you just have to see and see how “easy” it is to sell a used iPhone at a reasonable price, something that usually does not happen with Android devices, since even the price a new device usually drops several times during the year.