IPhone 13 may feature reverse wireless charging

by Kelvin
В iPhone 13 может появиться обратная беспроводная зарядка

IPhone 13 may feature reverse wireless charging

Less and less for the iPhone 13 will be officially unveiled, although it will most likely arrive sometime in September, as the latest leaks indicate. In addition, it will also affect whether or not Apple in this respect follows its usual schedule. However, we are already in those weeks where the new features and capabilities that we could expect from this new generation of features from Cupertino are revealed. As today, reverse wireless charging , a well-known feature in high-end Android phones.

However, despite the fact that Apple has proven itself well among mobile phones with the Google operating system, it has not yet chosen this technology. That could change though if the latest leaks are correct. Likewise, this is not the first time rumors of this reverse wireless charging technology for iPhones have surfaced. But this time it could be a reality.


Reverse wireless charging on iPhone 13

Theoretically in the current generation of phones Apple it is already possible to charge other devices. Unfortunately, the california brand has disabled this feature on their devices. So all indications are that this feature will be generic on his next iPhone.

Iphone 13 Concepto

This information was made public by Max Weinbach, a well-known informant with a good reputation. According to this source, wireless charging coil IPhone 13 will be slightly taller within the lineup than in the mobile lineup Apple current generation. Also, keep in mind that this will be possible with the use of MagSafe, stickers that are located on the back of the phones and thus allow charging.

One of the possible reasons that led to the increase in his range is that he may even offer us faster download speed … And that point won’t be the only potential benefit of a larger wireless charging coil. The increased size could also improve the management of the heat that is generated in the devices when they are being charged. It might even allow a reverse charge, as we have explained.

However, one could not expect high speeds, as is the case with Android phones. But if that’s the good news, the wireless charging speed has been bumped up to 20W just like with cable charging.

Source> TechRadar