IPhone 13 reportedly has video portrait mode with real-time bokeh effect

by Kelvin
iPhone 13 2021

Unless there are major surprises, we already know that the next iPhone will be called iPhone 13. And while we do not necessarily expect a revolution compared to the iPhone 12 – in particular with the iPhone 12 Pro which are already all equipped a LiDAR sensor and physically larger photo sensors – a much anticipated feature could be launched with this generation.

The next iPhones and perhaps with a little luck also the iPhone 12 should indeed benefit from three major novelties in terms of image capture. The first is whatApple baptized according to Bloomberg “Cinematic Video”. It is simply a portrait mode suitable for video. This mode should give the impression that you are capturing videos with real professional camera lenses.

iPhone 13: Bokeh is about to go video

The Cinematic Video will instantly generate more depth of field with the famous blur effect that occurs when something goes out of focus. An effect known as the Bokeh effect in photography. Of course, everything is generated in real time – we imagine thatApple has succeeded in perfecting the system sufficiently to limit as much as possible the number of aberrations which are still quite frequent with the Bokeh in the photo.


Besides, Apple should take this opportunity to launch support for the ProRes format, which is very popular with image professionals. ProRes is to video what ProRAW is to photos. The format seeks to capture and keep as much information as possible on the image so that you can subsequently change all the exposure, luminance, colorimetry… settings.

All in a very thorough way without leading to any loss of quality. Finally the last novelty, would be more photographic editing options precisely thanks to the ProRAW format. We hope in particular that it will become easier to correct the aberrations of the Bokeh effect manually, among other new features.

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Additionally, Bloomberg says the iPhone 13s could benefit from higher refresh rates. A suggestion that could confirm, in hollow, the arrival also eagerly awaited 120 Hz AMOLED screens on all or part of the lineup. In addition, it is a certainty, all devices presented in a few weeks will benefit from a new chip. Apple A15 faster.