iPhone 5c 8 GB Officially Available in Some Apple Store

by Kelvin

Finally the rumor has been confirmed, the arrival of the new iPhone 5c of 8 GB is now official Apple Store This new model of iPhone 5c reaches the Apple Store in some European countries although in countries like Spain or Italy it is not yet available. With this new strategy Apple expects to take an important step in the market, somewhat aggressive, making iPad 4 and iPhone 5c more accessible for users.

iPhone 5c 8GB Available


Apple Officially puts on sale the iPhone 5c 8 GB in Some Apple Europe Store

The cut in the price of the colorful plastic iPhone, the 5c, arrives officially and the end of this operation can be taken for granted: to be able to contrast the level of acceptance of the device since its launch last September 2013 through of the number of sales.

We can see this price drop officially in the Apple UK Store where the savings, compared to the 16 GB version, is forty pounds (£ 40) while in the Apple German Store this difference, always compared to his older brother of 16 GB, is fifty euros (€ 50). It is quite likely that in Spain, at the time when this model of this device is available, the difference from that of 16 GB where also fifty euros (€ 50).

iPhone 5c 8GB Apple German Store

The technical specifications of the iPhone 5c of 8 GB are the same as those of the 16 GB and 32 GB models, it only changes the memory capacity, in addition, it will also have a plastic case and will be available in the entire original color range of This iPhone model (green, blue, yellow, red, white). In short, the only thing that changes is the storage space included to make it a bit more "economical" and therefore more accessible.

The iPhone 5c 8GB is not available in the Apple Store of Spain

At the moment there is no more news about the introduction of this new model in the Spanish market, which could have an acceptance greater than the iPhone 4s of 8 GB, although it is likely that in the next few hours we can also have it available through the Apple Store Spanish.

We will be attentive to any developments in this regard and its possible price.

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