iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Comparison [Vídeo]

by Kelvin
iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Comparison [Vídeo] 1

One of the things that are almost forced with the launch of each device to the market is the comparison with other terminals and the iPhone 5s was not going to be less. Thanks to the potential of the new top range device Apple, one of the most anticipated comparisons is that of the iPhone 5s versus Samsung Galaxy S4, one of the top range that runs with Android operating system.

iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy s4


First Comparison Arrives Between iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4

In the video that we propose below, in addition to enjoying a comparison between both devices, we can also see a comparison between the two philosophies of thought between iOS and Android.

Among some of the differences that we can see in this video we will find the customization of the user interface, where Android allows you to totally change the aesthetic appearance of the Home of the device and iOS, if it is not for the Jailbreak, it would not be possible to make this change of Appearance since there is no Jailbreak available at the moment with iOS 7.

Comparison Video of iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Do not miss the long-awaited comparative video between the new iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S4

A video that helps us to see in depth the iPhone 5s vs. another Top Range

This video has been made with the intention of helping to make a decision between which device to buy, taking into account that the questions when purchasing a new smartphone go beyond its hardware characteristics, the screen size also influences 4 inches (iPhone 5s) or 5 inches (Samsung Galaxy S4), the need for a battery that can be changed, such as the Samsung, or the preference for a unibody device.

It also highlights, at the software level, the interface of both operating systems and their application stores, Apple Store and Google Play. In addition to being able to see the various benchmark tests.

iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy s4 - Start Test

The iPhone 5s is a Best Buy Option vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

Finally we can highlight the comparison at the level of materials used for the construction of both devices, where they emphasize that the only rival of the iPhone 5 or the 5s is the HTC One and not the Galaxy S4

In conclusion, the author of the video points out that between both devices it is better to buy an iPhone 5s before a Samsung Galaxy. What do you think?

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