iPhone 6 is still the best selling smartphone

by Kelvin

The iPhone 6 is still on top of smartphones Best sellers

Samsung cannot climb to the top spot with its Galaxy S6 Due to the excellent sales figures of the iPhone 6. It has been 10 months since its arrival that the smartphone of Apple It remains at the top, with an important sales peak in the month of May.

According to a Counterpoint Research report, eThe iPhone 6 has dominated sales in each of the quarters since it went on sale in September 2014. It's great news for the Cupertino company because so far the trend was that mobile phones Apple they had the first sales positions during the holiday season and the first quarter of the year, but with the iPhone 6 already 10 months of presence are at the top of the sales reports of smartphones.


iPhone 6 is still the best selling smartphone 4

Bad time for Samsung

The Korean company has not been able to recover the first sales position, although the launch of its new high-end smartphone was highly anticipated. To explain this situation, Counterpoint Research indicates that in the first month of Galaxy Samsung S6 had stock problems, then to that was added a high price that is still maintained and that has led sales to enter a downward spiral since April when it was released.

For the Cupertino company The sales data of the new iPhone have been very positive since September 2014. The iPhone 6 model (and its larger version, the iPhone 6 Plus) has been consecrated for the last 10 months, consecutively, as the best selling device.

Also in recent times the boys of Cupertino have taken advantage of the times of sales and offers to sell more units at competitive prices, leaving their competitors far away thanks to their organized and proactive sales campaign.

iPhone 6 is still the best selling smartphone 5

The first sales position is the iPhone 6, followed by the iPhone 6 Plus. Then come the new Samsung devices, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Even afterwards, in the fifth place, iPhone 5s sales show that the mobile phone family of Apple They are going through one of their best moments.

Samsung has already warned its investors that in June profits will fall 4% compared to last year, but they hope to improve in the last part of the year with the launch of Galaxy Note 5 and Christmas sales.

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