iPhone: Apple disables a feature if the battery is replaced by a third party

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Maj. August 8, 2019 at 17 h 33 min

Apple disables the health check feature of the battery on iPhone whose battery has not been replaced by the Cupertino company itself. A way to discourage customers to go elsewhere, where the operation is often cheaper.

If you change the battery of your iPhone, Apple wants to be the one who will replace it and has found a new trick to discourage users to turn to the services of a third party actor. As reported by iFixit, the Cupertino company makes unavailable an iOS feature when the battery has not been installed directly by Apple.

Apple wants to replace the iPhone battery itself

This is the option to check the health of the battery, found in Settings> Battery. The following service message is displayed: "Can not verify that this iPhone has a battery Apple authentic. Health information not available for this battery. According to iFixit, Apple is quite capable of delivering the battery data, but chooses here not to do so. The iPhone XR, XS and XS Max are at least concerned.


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As a reminder, Apple had launched this feature with iOS 11.3 following the iPhone case slowed down. Accused from all sides, the Apple brand had to admit that it was deliberately slowing some devices in order to preserve their battery. To redeem himself, Apple has since the iOS 11.3 update a menu to control the health of the battery. In addition, users are notified when a change is deemed necessary by the system. And for several months, to try to silence the controversy, the battery replacement in Apple Store for several iPhone models had been reduced to 29 euros.

Source: iFixit

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