iPhone is getting more expensive because they don’t want to buy it

by Kelvin

Americans have become much less likely to change smartphones to new ones, preferring to use their mobile devices for up to 3 years, according to a report by Strategy Analytics.


Average smartphone usage

Previously average smartphone usage Apple It was 18 months, and Samsung – 16.5 months, while now this figure has grown to 33 months. Strategy Analytics analysts link the current situation with a low interest of users to small innovations, such as the modern placement of the front camera, new unlock methods, and so on.

Cost increase

In addition, the price tags for flagship devices of leading manufacturers have already surpassed the $ 1000 mark, which also negatively affects sales. According to surveys, only 7% of users are ready to buy a smartphone for more than $ 1000 for the sake of innovative features and support for 5G mobile networks.

Priorities when choosing smartphones

When buying a new smartphone, young men and women pay the greatest attention to the quality of the camera. While other consumers do not focus on certain characteristics of devices, therefore, the availability of the gadget comes first.

Situation with Apple

If we talk about Apple, then the iPhone XR smartphone with a price tag of up to $ 1000 turned out to be one of the most successful devices Applewhile the more expensive flagship iPhone XS and XS Max showed significantly lower sales. At the same time, in 2019 Apple I do not intend to reduce the cost of their new devices, which may further exacerbate the situation with low sales.

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