iPhone Night Shift Doesn’t Improve Sleep Quality, Study Says

by Kelvin
iPhone Night Shift Doesn't Improve Sleep Quality, Study Says

In 2016, the Apple has launched the Night Shift feature for its users. The feature was among the new features of iOS 9.3 and promised to improve the night’s sleep for people who play with their cell phone before bed. That’s because the functionality provides a change of screen colors to avoid eye strain in the dark.

But it looks like Night Shift isn’t all that miraculous for a good night’s sleep. A study published in Sleep Health followed up 167 people for a week. The group was divided into three: one used the cell phone without Night Shift for an hour before bedtime, the other did the same with the feature activated and the last one simply did not touch his cell phone before going to sleep.

According to the person in charge of the research, Chad Jensen, there was no difference between the groups. “Our hypothesis was that we would see people who didn’t touch their cell phone sleep better; so it was a little surprising that we didn’t find that,” he told the The Verge.



Jensen explains that part of the result is due to the fact that most participants are university students. “When people are already very sleepy, it doesn’t matter if they’re on the phone before bed. That’s because the need for rest is so great that you fall asleep easily, no matter what you do before bed.”

The study still needs to be applied with a larger group of people before being generalized. Even though the feature blocks the blue light emitted by electronics, according to the researchers, there may be several variables that interfere with the quality of sleep, such as caffeine intake, room temperature, noise, among others.