IPhone sales continue to fall

by Kelvin
IPhone sales continue to fall 1

Bad news for the Cupertino company as reported The verge the iPhone and Mac sale has fallen in this Q2. This shows a decline that has been taking in recent years and that is increasingly widespread in the world of smartphone.

Despite its huge sales. The income of Apple have dropped 5%. In large part this decline is due to the fall in iPhone sales, however, it has also been noticed a decrease in the income of its division focused on computers. This is bad news for the Mac, which is why maybe Apple I started to shuffle the idea of ​​changing your Intel processors for a totally new ones designed by the company.


On the other hand, the American company has reported that its revenues on iPad have grown exponentially, which shows that something has been done well in this division. For example, your iPad Pro He has had terribly positive reviews. Also they Airpods They have proven to be a real success allowing to increase the income of the company.

The same goes for your services, since Apple Music It has managed to position itself as the second power in the world of streaming music.

Despite this mentioned 5% decrease, the company has got a whopping 58 billion dollars in this Q2. As you can imagine, with these results, Apple It remains a true mine for all investors.

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