iPhone: the escamotage to block the jailbreak

by Kelvin
iPhone: the escamotage to block the jailbreak

iPhone: the escamotage to block the jailbreak 2

A few weeks ago we told you that, accidentally, iOS 12.4 was suffering from a security flaw that allowed the jailbreak of the iPhone, or the possibility of "unlocking" the smartphone by obtaining permits greater than those permitted to users, with all the consequences of the case. To solve, Apple immediately released a software update and more: it stopped to sign the 12.4 version of iOS to prevent its spread.

iPhone: just jailbreak

The jailbreak was widespread until just under a decade ago. Lots of users bought their iPhone and already knew that they would "unlock" it, with a practice absolutely not allowed by Apple, in order to exploit certain features.


By now, they couldn't see each other public releases of methods to perform the jailbreak for some time and it was a surprise even for Apple discover one after the arrival of iOS 12.4. There security flaw present in this edition of the operating system had already been discovered and eliminated with iOS 12.3, but inexplicably the patch used to fix it was not included in the next edition of the OS.

Now, besides releasing theupdate 12.4.1 – which should have eliminated the problem – the Cupertino giant has also stopped signing version 12.3. In this way, it is impossible to execute the downgrade of the operating system.

We remind you that iOS 13 is still coming: starting next September 30 will be available on all compatible smartphones.

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