IPhones will have software that blocks batteries installed by third parties

by Kelvin

According to an iFixIt post, Apple has introduced a “software
lock ”that causes third-party replacement batteries to stop
run on new iPhones.

iFixIt wrote that replacement batteries lack a
microcontroller that uses an authentication key provided by the
own Apple. When users install a new battery on their own or in
a site that is not certified by Apple, a message will appear on the phone
that says “Service”, as an indication that it is necessary to go to the service
technician of Apple.


The phones do not even work using another original battery of Apple,
said iFixIt, since to authenticate a replacement battery you have to
use the company's own tools:

In a nutshell, Apple is blocking the batteries of your iPhones from
factory, so if you change the battery yourself, even if you are using
the battery of Apple from another iPhone, it won't work. The only way to avoid
this is – yes, you guessed it – to pay Apple more money to change the
iPhone battery for you. Thanks to its secret software, the
message that says "Service". But Apple refuses to put this software to
available to anyone other than an authorized provider of Apple.

According to iFixIt, this software seems to have been introduced in the iPhone XR,
iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with the latest version of iOS 12 or with the iOS beta

As noted Apple Insider, Apple he alluded to this blockade of
software in the supporting documents that you last updated in March
of 2019. The microcontroller documentation also explains how they can
Perform this type of software blocking.

iFixIt wrote that Apple it also seems to have blocked the access of the
most iOS applications to battery status data that is
trace back to iOS 10, but this problem can be solved by connecting an iPhone
to a Mac and running an application like coconutBattery. You can also remove the microcontroller
from an original battery and solder it to another, although this probably isn't
reach of all users.

Interestingly, in March 2019, Apple began to change its policies to
allow authorized service centers to repair iPhones that
would have installed third-party batteries. So, again, Apple we are surprised
with a 180 degree turn. Maybe it's not a movement especially
smart after the controversy he raised when he recognized that it slowed
iPhones that had older batteries.

Apple has been fighting repairs for a long time
third parties. It has a clear financial incentive for this, since by refusing to
sell new parts or by threatening customers to withdraw the warranty if
they go to third-party workshops, Apple you can charge a lot more for your

Apple they hide in that what they want is to control the quality of the
repairs and who are concerned about the safety of their customers, not by
the money. “We want to make sure that our customers can always
trust that your products will be repaired safely and correctly, and of
a way that helps the environment, ”said a spokesman for Apple.

Via Gizmodo

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