Is it the end of Gmail for Huawei? Maybe, but there is already an alternative!

by Kelvin
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According to information circulating on the Internet, someone inside Google told Reuters that Huawei will not be able to use Google services on the new Mate 30. If confirmed, Huawei has to find an alternative that could go through a new one. operating system. Although this manufacturer launched HarmonyOS in August, it stated that it would not be using it for smartphones. So the big possibility might be an open-source version of Android, similar to what the Amazon use on your Fire range tablets. However, you could also choose another system like Sailfish. However, the security features of this OS are still a long way from Android. Remember that Sailfish is based on the MeeGo OS that was used by Nokia N9 in 2011. And what about Gmail for Huawei?

Is it the end of Gmail for Huawei? Maybe, but there is already an alternative!

Looking at this it is not yet clear what will happen, although as I mentioned an Android based system is most likely. In any case, being unable to use Google services means no Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, PlayStore, among others.


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For Gmail there seems to be a solution. One possible solution is ProtonMail. According to a ProtonMail blog post, Huawei has been talking to this manufacturer to include this encrypted email service in future versions of its smartphones. That said, this email app may be available at the Huawei AppGallery app store. However, the post does not know if this will really happen or not.

ProtonMail is currently available to iOS and Android users, and there is also an Internet version for desktops and PCs. It has end-to-end encryption, which means the company cannot read the messages it sends or receives. However, the company's website also promotes the physical security of its infrastructure, noting that it "resides in Europe's safest data center, 1000 meters below solid rock."

In the post we mentioned above ProtonMail still states that Google does not respect user privacy and a free app like Gmail makes a lot of money selling user data to advertisers.

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