Is now Facebook the one that has been spying on Messenger voice calls

by Kelvin
Is now Facebook the one that has been spying on Messenger voice calls

A few days ago we talked about Microsoft and Amazon, among other companies, had been using their virtual assistants and applications in order to spy on user conversations and what they had been telling other people. A movement that has caused more than one to think about it when continuing to use the striking technologies affected.

However, the companies we discussed at that time are not the only ones that have spied on users. Now, Facebook It joins what we already call spying audios. Although in this case the activity has been carried out in the application Messenger, an instant messaging program that many users have installed on their mobile phones.


The report confirming espionage has been published by Bloomberg. The well-known media outlet has discovered that Facebook would have been paying third parties in order to transcribe the messages sent through your application. TaskUS Inc, one of the companies involved, has claimed that they did not know where those voice messages came from, although employees have already said they sometimes had the feeling of being involved in something unethical.

However, spying on Messenger users is not something new in Facebook. The company has confirmed the hiring of employees for this purpose, and to ensure they transcribe messages that the AI ​​could not. In fact, These actions have been carried out since 2015, although we must bear in mind that they have stopped for a few days. Therefore, we could say that there are millions of users who have been spied on.

We cannot forget that in the data policy of Facebook It is indicated that the company can collect user data, although there is no mention of voice messages. A new company that does the same as in previous cases. That is, do not say that its use policies allow the listening of messages, but do it at the end.

We also repeat that the operation has apparently been paralyzed after what Facebook has been sanctioned with a fine of 5000 million euros by the Federal Trade Commission of the United States. In this case, for practices that skipped user privacy.

Facebook  Messenger

The social network company is not the first to skip users' privacy in terms of listening to their voice messages. We already commented at the beginning that there had been several companies discovered doing this activity. In any case, it's something that users don't like, who can see how your privacy is violated.

Will there be new penalties for companies that carry out this type of espionage? It is possible, if we consider that violating user privacy is not allowed. An activity to which the European Union usually acts correctly.

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