Is the Motorola One Action camera good? The videos respond!

by Kelvin

Motorola unveiled the Motorola One Action on Friday. The device has the most spectacular feature of the Action Cam. In fact, it is one of the big selling points. That said, this manufacturer has released a series of promotional videos that reveal whether the Motorola One Action camera is good or not.

Is the Motorola One Action camera good? The videos respond!


Right from the start, the Motorola One Action has a 21: 9 aspect ratio and a rotary camera that lets you automatically capture photos and videos in landscape mode, even when used in portrait mode.

Since it is an Action Camera that will be used even while on the move, the smartphone is expected to have Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). However, it is missing. Instead, Motorola added digital stabilization. One of the promotional videos reveals how effective it is.

The company also unveiled the camera's low-light performance in one of its promotional videos. Remember that the Action Cam main sensor is 16 megapixels and uses the 4 in 1 pixel combination to improve low light performance.

However there is also a video that demonstrates how the camera still shoots at a 21: 9 ratio even when kept in portrait mode.

Other features that are being promoted are the timelapse and cinemagraph modes.

Motorola One Action costs 260 Euros and has not come to play!

The Motorola One Action has a 6.3 inch IPS LCD screen with FullHD + resolution. Also noteworthy is the ratio of 21: 9. This is mainly due to a hole in the upper left that houses a 12 megapixel selfie camera. This device has three camera settings on the back and this is where we find the Action Camera. Triple sensors include a 16MP sensor that uses the combination of 4 pixels in one to improve low light image quality. Also noteworthy is the electronic image stabilization.

One Action is

There is yet another interesting detail.

The sixteen megapixel sensor has been oriented to capture video horizontally, even when the smartphone is held vertically.

This makes it easy to mount your smartphone for more radical adventures. Remember, for example, that most bike racks keep your smartphone upright. However this camera cannot be used to take still pictures.

For the most normal photos and videos is a 12MP main camera that can also record 4k videos, but at 30fps. The third sensor is a 5 megapixel depth sensor. There is also a fingerprint sensor on the back that is embedded inside the Motorola logo.

Is the Motorola One Action camera good? The videos respond! 3

The device is powered by a Samsung Exynos 9609 chipset. It adds up to 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Of course this capacity can be expanded through the microSD slot.

Motorola's new bet runs Android 9.0 Pie and is part of the Android One program. It also has an IPX2 waterproof rating. This means that it has drop protection when tilted at 15 degrees.

However, because this device is not designed to withstand heavy impact, a case cover is available.

The smartphone is powered by a 3.500mAh battery that is charged by USB-C. However, the device also supports 10W fast charging.

Is the Motorola One Action camera good? The videos respond! 4

Meanwhile, Motorola kept the much-cherished 3.5mm headphone output on the top of the smartphone. There is also a speaker with Dolby Audio at the bottom. In some countries and beyond the cover there will also be the offer of a handset.

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